About Us

I remember weighing 115lbs, and other people made me feel so insecure about my body. From that moment on, I started working on ME. I went to the gym consistently, changed my eating habits and just did what was right for my body. But I didn't start seeing the results until I gained the confidence to say forget what everyone else thinks, this is MY BODY and I love it.


Thats when I decided to start designing Exotic Lingerie for woman who just want to feel confident and sexy no matter their size ! And of course you'll drive your man crazy! xoxoxoxo


Seams By Queen provides and designs a classy yet, tenderly sensuous display of erotic and exotic lingerie for exotic dancers and women who are inspired to spice-it-up for their significant other.​

From choosing one of our signature styles or customizing your own personal fantasy, we ensure you will not regret shopping with us. Keep it classy, sexy and most of all.. EXOTIC!!!